Ginger & Me Quinoa Lift & Hydrate Eye Cream



A lightweight yet powerful eye gel-cream that visibly lifts, firms, tightens and hydrates the skin around the delicate eye area.

  • Results are visible immediately
  • Continued use with reduce lines and wrinkles long term
  • Great under special occasion makeup
  • Use in the morning as a preventative treatment, morning and evening for corrective care

Apply around the eyes morning and evening. Pat in until absorbed, do not over rub.

NEURODEFENCE COMPLEXTM – Originates from Brown Algae and is an oligosaccharide that revolutionises skin health by directly targeting the aging of nerve endings to protect a healthy communication between nerves and fibroblasts supporting collage and elastin synthesis; ultimately reducing lines and wrinkles and reducing skin roughness.

VEDERINE® – Derived from chicory; is a restructuring active ingredient rich in oligofructosans which promotes synthesis of Vitamin D and its specific receptor and enables skin to recover optimum epidermal barrier without sun exposure.

PRISTINIZER® – A botanical active known as the “fragrant star” shields the skin and its cells against damage from pollution via antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying actions whilst increasing cell survival.

COBIOLIFT – 100% sugar tensor extracted from Quinoa Seeds to give immediate tightening and anti-wrinkle effect forming a biological lm to prevent TEWL, lock in moisture and reduce wrinkle depth.

PULLULAN – Provides instant visible wrinkle minimising effect; as much as 74% less in just one hour.

SODIUM HYALURONATE – Hyaluronic acid replenishes moisture levels; gives skin volume by holding onto water, has a calming effect on compromised skins and antioxidant benefits.

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