Issada Antioxidant Shadow Magnet Eye Primer


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Creases be gone!

A new generation eye primer, this is the ultimate no-budge base! Shadow particles and eyeliner, cling to this indelible veil with magnet-like strength.

Worn alone, it completely conceals any redness or uneven skin tone on the lids for a brighter, wider eye, flawless ‘no-makeup-makeup’ look.

The super fast-drying, waterproof formula delivers smudge-proof, crease-proof prevention. The perfect canvas to lock shadow into place for hours and keep colours ultra fresh. The luxe formula gently nourishes lids with soy-derived Lecithin and protects delicate skin with antioxidant Vitamin E.

Key Ingredients: Soy Protein Vitamin E.



Antioxidant Shadow Magnet is the perfect prepping eye shadow enhancing primer! Formulated specifically for the eyes to creates a smooth, even canvas that locks eye makeup in place for hours! Ensures eyeshadow, eyeliner glide on smoothly and hold with ultimate colour payoff that WONT smudge, wear away, or crease from the eyelids, natural oils & give you long lasting wear all day. Flesh-tone colour, treats and protects the delicate eyelid with antioxidants and hydrating natural ingredients, while covering/concealing veins and pigment on the eyes. Shadow magnet can also be used on the bottom lash line, waterline as a lightening, flesh tone waterproof liner (instead of black/brown/colour)! This will create a brightening effect, diminish redness and give the illusion of a larger more open eyeshape.  Also for the fans of a defined brow, shadow magnet can be used to carve and define along the base of the brows to give a strong distinct shape. A must-have product for everyone! Can be worn alone, but imperative when wearing eyeshadow to prime, prep and ensure longevity.



  • Vitamin E
  • Lecithin


  • Innovative gel/crème formula
  • Contains gentle moisturising lecithin
  • Flesh-toned tint that won’t interfere with makeup colours


  • Glides onto lids and sets quickly
  • Eye shadow will not crease or smudge
  • Makes for extremely long wearing eye colour
  • Perfect for brides/photography/hot climates
  • Powerful antioxidant formula nourishes eyelids, protects delicate skin
  • Improves the appearance of ‘crepey’ skin and fine lines
  • Can be worn alone to conceal redness, veins or age spots for a flawless smooth lid and a ‘no makeup-makeup’ look


Scrape out small amount (approx rice grain size) and buff from base of lash line up to the top of the brow bone over the whole lid. Use a dense brush to apply or finger tip and work fast. Glides on with ease, but sets quick! Can be worn alone as a neutral, brightening, fresh “no makeup” look, or to prime the eyes to ensure all eye makeup stays perfect & longwearing from am to pm.

When using for waterline, opt for a small fine tip brush and paint on to lash line. Brows-firm, small brush.

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