Ginger and Me B3 Glow Sheet Masks Pack of 5


Product Description:

This carefully curated sheet mask was formulated to bring the skins barrier back to a place of equilibrium using a blend of deeply therapeutic ingredients to restore and stimulate the skins natural moisturizing factor (NMF), for instant and long-term visible levels of increased hydration, brightening and glow!

Best For: Anyone looking for the ultimate skin glow and hydration boost!

How to Use:

How to Use For best results, once to twice per week, after a double cleanse and exfoliation, unfold and position the mask to the face. Remove the mask and massage the remaining serum well into face, throat and décolletage, and seal with your favourite Neurocosmedics hydrator. Voilà, glow ready!

Hot Tips For Use:

Enhance chill factor on warm days by placing in the fridge 10 minutes before application.

Use your Ginger & Me Skin Chill Globes over the top for the ultimate results.

Great for use following a skin home roller.

Perfect before applying make-up for a special event.

Use as often as your skin needs a boost.

Key Ingredients:

Niacinamide: AKA Vitamin B3, the most diverse form of Vitamin B for the skin. Niacinamide regulates the uptake of excess melanin into the skin cells and increases cellular energy. It’s unique ability to strengthen the health of our Langerhans Cells (immune cells) for immune support. As a sebum regulator it stops sebum production   into overdrive supporting acne treatment and prevention. Copper PCA (Pyrrolidone Carboxylic Acid):100%naturally derived from beetroot molasses, PCA is the second largest component of the skins ownNMF (Natural Moisturising Factor). PCA helps to hydrate the skin long term and quickly by supporting the organisation of lipid structures to strengthen the skins hydrophobic barrier and prevent moisture loss. PCA supports cellular differentiation and filaggrin synthesis resulting in a str

Sodium Hyaluronate: Able to bind and hold up to1000 times its weight in water and the powerful ability to draw water into the deeper layers of the skin; increasing cellular communication, active ingredient absorption, supports skin healing and leaves your skin hydrated, plump and smooth to the touch. Tocopherol:Reduces the effect of UV damage when applied after sun exposure, reduces erythema, inflammation, strengthens skin barrier, supports cellular function and skin health.

5 Single Use Masks Per Box

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