Issada Corrector Pencils – Buff

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This multi-purpose pencil is adored by makeup artists and used as a secret weapon to magically erase and correct concerns. Apply Buff pencil and watch capillaries, veins, pigmentation, blemishes and freckles vanish.

Create wider, brighter eyes by applying on the inner and outer corners, on the inner rim and along lash line or brow bone for natural effects. Define and perfect a strong lip, by outlining the lip area for precise results, correcting the shape, allowing lipstick to last longer and prevent colour from bleeding. Natural Palm Kernel  and anti-viral Fruit Wax condition nourish and protect the skin.

Key Ingredients: Fruit Wax, Palm Kernel




  • Palm Kernel Oil
  • Fruit Wax

This ultimate multi-tasker pencil is a gentle, soothing, nourishing formula, that will hide and perfect a range of skin concerns. Use to correct a lip line, on the waterline to give the appearance of large-clearer eyes, Conceal broken capillaries, nasal fold redness, to define a brow shape or small blemishes. Super creamy but sets to a powder-like resistance.


  • Gentle formula
  • Soft, malleable texture
  • Powdery finish
  • Multi-purpose


  • Soothes and protects sensitive eyes/skin
  • Easy, smooth, no drag application
  • More budge-proof than traditional pencils
  • Executes many different ‘makeup artist secrets’


  • Apply gently with feather-like strokes.
  • Use Buff pencil to give the appearance of larger, clearer eyes. Apply around the inner corners of eyes to widen and brighten. Blend/smudge with a Q-Tip if necessary.
  • Line inner rim to remove redness for a flawless eye.
  • Conceal small blemishes by dotting on and then blending out.
  • Perfect size tip for concealing spidery broken capillaries, or nasal fold redness.

Make Up Secrets

  • Use to correct lip line and create new shape. Erase a natural lip line with Buff, blending to colour in the lip slightly, and then re-draw with a neutral Ultimate Lip Liner like Bashful.
  • Use to clean and sharpen the edges of a strong lip. After applying a vibrant lip (eg; red), trace just outside the lip line with Buff, to correct any mistakes, sharpen the line and provide an extra waxy barrier against lipstick bleeding.
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